4 Ways To Keep Your Home Carpets Clean And Free Of Allergens This Winter

photo of a carpet being cleaned with a brush

A dirty carpet can not only ruin the atmosphere of your home, but it can certainly start to wear down your home’s indoor air quality. Regular cleanings can help cut down on dingy carpets, but save yourself some time cleaning by practicing preventive measures to help keep your carpets clean. Here are just some ways to keep your home’s carpet clean this winter, and frankly, all year round.

Pet Owners Be Aware

Having pets that can shed is a hassle. While we love them, we can surely deal without the clumps of fur all over the place. We certainly recommended having your pets groomed routinely, whether by a professional or just regularly passing a brush through their fur.

While grooming can help manage fur clumps, don’t forget to vacuum regularly to help stop fur mountains from piling up.

When it comes to dogs, have some wet wipes by the door to carefully wipe down their paws after a walk. All that dirt outside will accumulate on your dog’s paws and quickly stain your carpet. Lastly, placing rugs where your pet loves to walk around often can help protect your carpet from damage over time.

DIY Cleaning

Nothing beats a deep clean for your carpet, but sometimes you need to handle a few minor stains. Take the time to invest in a set of reusable towels, cleaning tools, and carpet cleaning solutions to keep on hand.

With your cleaning kit, make sure to test any stain removers or cleaning products on small areas of your carpet to spot any potential adverse reactions. We recommend using baking soda and vinegar to quickly dab on stains for some odors.

Keeping Shoes In Their Place

While this may not be a new tip to many homeowners, we recommend that you keep a small area by your door’s entrance to hold your shoes. Try not to walk inside with your shoes because over time, you not only stain your carpet, but you are dragging a lot of dirt and other nasty material into your home’s carpet.

Vacuum Time

Whether you have a pet or not, we cannot recommend vacuuming enough. When it comes to carpets, they can have a habit of clinging on to a lot of dust, and a good vacuuming at least every week can help cut down on that dust.

Not only does reducing the dust in your home help your breathing, but you can avoid having your carpets look dingy over the years.

While DIY care is essential, nothing beats a deep cleaning for your carpet. At HutchPro Carpet Cleaning Plus we have years of experience dealing with pesky wine stains, pet fur, and varying degrees of dust accumulations. So when you call (317) 648-2680 you know you’re getting the best deep cleaning you can get!