Do I Need A New Carpet Or A Deep Cleaning?

Do I Need A New Carpet Or A Deep Cleaning?

Carpets can be a lot to maintain for many homeowners, especially those with pets and kids that can make quite the mess. Over time any carpet will get dingy and need to be refreshed with a deep cleaning, but at what point is deep cleaning not enough? Figure out whether your old carpet needs some elbow grease and soap, or you need to install a new carpet for your home.

Water Damage

We cannot stress this enough, but you should consider replacing your carpet entirely if your carpet has ever had water damage recently. The issue with water damage that many homeowners overlook until it is too late is the risk of mold growth from water damage.

While the protocol for water damage is to dry any affected areas properly, carpets become exceedingly tricky when it comes to carpets. If you leave water damage untreated, it will not only look unsightly, but mold growth is hazardous for your health.

Wine And Food Stains

We know how sometimes stains can be annoying to look at when walking around the home, but sometimes those stubborn wine stains are not as bad as you may think. With some food and drink stains, you do not need to worry about throwing out your carpet just yet! Most stains, thankfully, can come out with a deep cleaning.

What If The Stain Stays?

So occasionally, homeowners can have stubborn stains that may not come out even with a professional deep cleaning. If a deep clean cannot get rid of the stain, then your only option to get rid of the stain is to replace the carpet entirely. Depending on the material spilled on the carpet, you need to get a deep cleaning quickly to avoid the stain from settling deep into the carpet.

Strong Smells

Even a deep cleaning has its limits, and if you notice that your carpet has a strong unpleasant smell after cleaning, it's time to throw it out. Deep smells can be a sign of potential water damage, or sometimes odors from previous messes have penetrated deep into the carpet's fibers.

Wear And Tear

Overall, if you notice that your carpet has many holes or start seeing the padding underneath the top layer of material, you should replace your carpet. Cleanings will not be able to patch up torn-up carpets, and that type of damage will only worsen with age.

In general, a good sign with carpets is to replace them roughly after five years, but with great care, they can last as long as twenty years without any noticeable issues.

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